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Cooking Classes

Join us for any of our theme based hands-on classes emphasize the theory and techniques that will make you a better cook. After the cooking class becomes a special culinary keepsake, as you use your new found experties to prepare momorable meals for family and friends.

We invite to explore, improve your culinary skills, gain insight into intricacies, tips and unique approches. We will cover meterial, from knife skills, flavour labs, cooking techniques, ingredients and historic building blocks of the food.

Private Chef

Need a personal chef for just a evening or to cook up weekly meals  we adopt some of our faviorite recipes to server your culinary cravings, We try and combine influences from our travels to middle east, Asia, africa, southamerica, europe, north america, with fresh ingredients from the local markets to server up dishes that are healthy, rustic and comforting.

Allow us to help you build and reach your nutritional goals with emphasis on fresh foods cooked right in your home!

Corporate & Event Cooking

Our culinary team building classes are the most popular and effective employee bonding experiences available today. We offfer a corporate friendly foodie events with menus that calls for cordinated team work and team building.

Cooking challenges like Great PB & J but with more or Best Mac and Cheese spins will provide basic skills while increase employees awarness towards making healthy choices.

Private Classes

Do you need a little assistance int he kithen? take a class learn a few tricks, techniques, and recipes that will be jsut what you need to make cookign an every day part of your life. We belive that the best experience comes from stepping onto the cook / counter tops so you’ll be able top execute a recepie or recipes again and again

Our personal one on one cooking classes for the enthuastic cooks to hone their culinary skills or our private and group cookign classes all are fun, unique and affordable way to enjoy the company of friends, family or co-workers with any level of culinary skills. We can create a class just for you or from our popular themed class.



Market Tours

Philadelphia had made a big name for itself in the culinary scene. Its unique food culture from cheese steaks and hoggies, italian market to china town a world of culture attracts travelles from all walks to the city of bortherly love, come join us on one of our market tours where you will learn individual backgrounds of produce one of teh most diverse and exiciting ‘food scenes’ in north america. this tour willl explore the local culture and foods contributions exploring todays contemporary food scene. 

Kitchen Equipment & Tools

Do we all need drawer full or pots, pans, spoons and all the gadgets that are invented and sold on a daily bases, well real answer is Yes and No, based on our experience we have created basic kitchen equipments and tools list’s needed to cook different cusines and  that are a must in any kitchen, while we do sell a few selected niche products. We would like to be able to help you get your kitchen  ready to support amazing cooking using basic functions so get out there and cook! We’ll help  



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News Letter

Spring time is fun times 

Blooming spring trees, lush green grass and green sprouts on tree branches. Its also a time when we all look forward towards fresh local produce, flowers and berries.