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We are a couple head over heels in love with a passion for food, travel, ocean, nature, flowers, cooking, baking, design, styling, photography, home decor, woodworking and love to meet people, create lasting friendships/ relationships through our food and travel adventures. Always looking for a new travel destination, a new recipe or a new market to explore and share our stories.

We believe everyone should live their life to the fullest and this simply begins with nature and what nature gives us, A new ingredient or produce always intrigues our senses just the way new bloom touches our soul. Food is not just a hobby for us, its our passion that we love to share with people around us cause sharing is caring. 

Our Mission

Is to encourage people to think about cooking as fun and not be intimidated by it. It’s to teach them how to cook simple delicious food with love and less waste of the ingredients. Help them realize their own cooking potential while learning, eating and sharing food with others. Through this vision we are committed to benefit our community, bring family and friends together and  also create an awareness in children about eating fresh cooked meals. 


                                                                              We loved the class we attended so many new ways you can cooking present food that looks good and tastes great Simply Stunning!

Manish P 

The class is a must for anyone that loves to cook, It was fun, creative filled with cool tricks to make your food taste and look great.

Renee J 

Had a fun time chopping, cutting, trimming and cooking, feel I am ready to experiment in my kitchen at home.

Mary B 

I loved the overall experience , the food and the team of cooks. Very friendly and fun! Can’t wait to go back.

James  D. 

Amazing learning experience! favorite parts included the up close and personal attention from chefs,  Such a cool place. Very nice setting where food is featured. You get to learn and them prepare everything! Really great for a special event.

Jamie  L. 



What is Turmeric

Black Pepper

Black Peppers are hot like it or not


Red but not hot, Falvour ful but not spicy


Rosemary intense and flavourful



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Tel 215 939 1173

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News Letter

Spring time is fun times 

Blooming spring trees, lush green grass and green sprouts on tree branches. Its also a time when we all look forward towards fresh local produce, flowers and berries.