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Some simple easy steps which will include information on tools, ingredients and precautions associated while cooking different types of meat. Though learning to cook meats take time and practice, don’t shy away from giving it a try. We will be venturing into meats that are easily available to all of us example chicken, pork, beef, veal, lamb, duck, turkey.

We will show simple flavors and cooking techniques to cook meats, how to build on those flavors while always keeping the highlight on the featured meats.


How long should I cook salmon? How to make lobster stew? Should I turn the halibut in the frying pan more than once? What did you do to make the shrimp taste so good,? Questions like these often cross your mind / conversations and like many others you also want to learn to cook  “fish” tin the right way.  Different fish cook differently and also taste differently. Seafood is complex, but not to worry we will help you with this complexity by showing you simple, easy tips on how to buy, clean, store and most important COOK SEAFOOD.


Whether you’re a new vegetarian, an avid cook wanting to expand your skills, or a passionate foodie who wants to adopt a meatless life style, we will help you how to shop smart, cook like a boss, and successfully cope with cravings, naysayers, and other common pitfalls. Being a vegetarian is not that much harder, it’s just an adjustment. You will learn to cook with alternate plant based protein sources lentils, beans, chickpeas, paneer, veggie ground round, tofu, tempeh and nuts. Fresh herbs like basil, mint, cilantro, and dill will be your go to flavors when it comes to adding bold flavors to your meals. Don’t give up on your dream to be a vegetarian, our simple approach will make this happen without any compromise in taste or flavors.


Our vegan classes are an ode to the beauty and potential of plant-based food.  It’s to let everyone know that anyone, anywhere can enjoy vegan dishes, because they’re colorful and flavorful and nutritious and fun—not because they fit a particular dietary label. To make good on this promise, we want to showcase a range of flavor profiles, a variety of whole grains and legumes, and a sampling of produce from curries to smoothies to many exciting dishes that make you one proud Vegan!! Whether you want to eat healthier, lose weight, reduce negative impacts on the environment, or avoid eating animal products for ethical reasons, you’ll find here all the inspiration and tools you need to embrace plant-based eating.

Who We Are, What is Our Mission

Apples to Apple Pies

Our goal is to introduce you to approach the kitchen with ease and comfort. We will work together and awaken your creativity, improve food presentation and your kitchen skills.

The simple skills that you will learn during the classes will be something that you can have with you to create good eats.

Learning to shop for the very best produce is the first step towards cooking a tasty meal.

  • Creativity 88%
  • Presentation 90%
  • Difficulty 30%
  • Skill Improvement 90%


Manish Pathak

Chef Teacher

Having cooked scine childhood and worked in kitchens in Mumbai Inida I find every moment in the kitchen teaches us all something new, what sets us apart is we are a little more driven ‘We dont have the advantage of a peice on paper. We have will’ The experience of learing in a kitchen cooking meals day in day out made is easier over time and now all I want to do is teach others to cook healthy fresh meals for them shelves, family and friends.

Philadelphia USA …..

Shree Pathak

Chef Teacher

Shree is a true foodie, loves to travel, flowers and explore ingredients loves to cook Vegetarin and Vegan food, always looking at ways to improve cooking methods by keeping things simple and approchable. Her love to lentils and fresh vegitables helps her create some mouth watering dishes.

Combine with her India background and travel experience around the world she like to blend flavours, spices and herbs create refreshing meals

 Philadelphia USA …..

Jane Doe

Jane Doe

Sous Chef Teacher

Having cooked sine childhood and worked in kitchens in Munbai Inida and Philadelphia USA …..



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We are a couple head over heels in love with a passion for food, travel, ocean, nature, flowers, cooking, baking, design, styling, photography, home decor, woodworking and love to meet people, create lasting friendships/ relationships through our food and travel adventures. Always looking for a new travel destination, a new recipe or a new market to explore and share our stories.

We believe everyone should live their life to the fullest and this simply begins with nature and what nature gives us, A new ingredient or produce always intrigues our senses just the way new bloom touches our soul. Food is not just a hobby for us, its our passion that we love to share with people around us cause sharing is caring.



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Blooming spring trees, lush green grass and green sprouts on tree branches. Its also a time when we all look forward towards fresh local produce, flowers and berries.